Google Docs

Reading through some of the latest posts I noticed Seasidegroup2014 has found an interesting article about Google Drive which was formerly known as Google doc. I am actually interested in using Google docs in the classroom and I am interested in the many ways it could be used. I am thinking more as a collaborative tool at the moment. I have year 1/2 for prac and I have been able to find another year 1/2 class in a different town that would like to collaborate using Google docs for writing.

I am so excited about this idea but wondering where to go from here. When I consider the time and structure of the day it looks like this activity would be one of the small rotating group activities in the morning when the teacher has her normal reading/writing block. This makes me then worry about sufficient time. I wonder if there would be another time that would be more suitable? I also wonder where the students are up to with their level of development. Would it be best for students to all contribute to one narrative, or with a partner in the other school or should they write their own and have a peer from the other school give feedback? So many questions!!! I guess I have to really wait and see what outcomes we want these students to achieve. So essentially I have just gone around in circles. Wish I could start planning some lessons in these holidays but it is really not possible.



Things to consider when planning lessons

When lesson planning I believe there are a lot of things that need to be considered beforehand. I found this website also breaks down some things to consider as well.

I am sure there are some points I have missed so please let me know:

– What are the outcomes I want students to achieve?

– What prior knowledge, experience do they bring?

– What will I use to guide the content of my lesson?

– What will be my pedagogical approach?

– How will I assess their learning?

– How will I make it authentic?

– How am I going to engage them, motivate them to learn and take ownership of their learning?

– How much direction and guidance should I give?

– Inside or outside? Whole class, groups, pairs or individually?

-What are the resources that are available to me?

– Is the lesson practical?

– How much time should be devoted?

– Will it hold the attention of my students?

-What behaviour management strategies need to be considered?

-Can I collaborate with fellow staff to expand my ideas within the lesson?

-What are student’s strengths, needs and interests?

– Is it suitable for this time of day?

– What about the transition in and from this lesson?

– What does the literature say?

-What qualities can I offer? What are my weaknesses? Do I need to research or go to my support network?


How are you feeling?

I was reading through some posts from fellow EDC3100 students and I was attracted to the heading, “Time Pressured.” I decided to read this post and the more I start reading the more I found I could relate to Craigljorgensen . I too work 2 jobs, have a family and am trying to cope with doing online uni. I knew the reputation of this unit so I took on this unit on its own and decided it was best to delay finishing my degree just so I could give this unit the time. Oh and try and stay sane!!!

I felt like I was only just floating THEN work took me away from town and away from uni. Then I got sick 😦 Now I am left feeling really behind and madly trying to catch up so I can actually be prepared for prac.

Anyway, “Time Pressured” is exactly how I am feeling. There just doesn’t feel like enough time in the day. I am sure there are more of you out there feeling the same.

Expectations for Prac

I am a bit like KEL4503 and slowly working my way through our learning path activities. We have expectations for prac and I thought I would share here as it is then easy to find or refer to at a later date. You never know it may just answer some questions you might have.

1.  How many days long is the EDC3100 Professional Experience? 15 days

2. How much teaching must you do? That is negotiated with mentor. However the prac booklet states Week 1 – 1/3 of the day, Week 2 – 1/2 day, Week 3 2/3 of the dasy with a full day.

3. Where is the lesson planning template must you use for all your lessons? The link can be found here

4. How many of the lessons you implement on Professional Experience must you submit for Assignment 3? Five lessons

5. My mentor is helping organise the schools cross country and has to be at school at 7:30am on the day. Do I need to be there? Yes it would be a good impression to show you actually have enthusiasm

6. What feedback on my teaching should I be gathering and what should I do with it? Gather verbal and written. These should be on lessons, weekly report and the referees report at the end.

7.There are very, very few ICT resources in my Professional Experience context, how can I possible develop ICT-rich lessons? Use what is available and show initiative.

Context for Assignment 2

Just thought I would share my context for assignment 2 just as the learning path requests us too.

School: Rainbow Public School is a well-established New South Wales rural co-educational school located in a low socio-economic community. There are 289 students with 27% being Aboriginal students. The school has been working hard with the broader community, parents/carers, staff and students towards adopting a Stronger Smarter approach towards learning. This has resulted in an increase of student and parental engagement. Each classroom contains at least one interactive whiteboard [IWB], laptop, wireless internet access, four desktop computers, four iPads, a digital camera and the teacher’s personal smartphone. The library also has 20 iPads that can be borrowed. Additionally, each classroom has access to the computer lab which can cater for an entire class.

Students: The year 2 class consists of 13 boys and 11 girls with mixed abilities. The class is composed of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students who have generally formed good, respectful relationships with each other. In the previous term students have become familiar with using the 5Es model of inquiry and have shown their ability to work effectively in small groups of three or four, in pairs and individually. Furthermore, the students have a buddy class they skype weekly. The buddy class is located in Western Australia and is the same year level. The students always look forward to this at the end of the week. Students have demonstrated they have some basic ICT knowledge with operating iPads, desktop computers and digital cameras. Student’s skills are emerging as they create their own Popplet, Widbook and writing posts in our class blog with guidance.


Special Events: This unit coincides with National Science Week where the school will be holding a science day for the community to come and see what students have been learning in science.


Staff: The classroom has the benefit of receiving support from a teacher-aide during the morning and middle sessions of everyday. The classroom teacher and teacher-aide are fairly confident using web 2.0 tools and applications and the classroom teacher has been actively extending her personal learning network for support.

5Es for Assignment 2

For assignment 2 I have decided to base my unit plan on an inquiry model known as the 5Es. When reading through the blogs I noticed Saraantcliff and jacinta84 are also using the 5Es model of inquiry too. Until last year I had never heard of the 5Es until I did a science unit. I must admit it took a lot for me to understand exactly what inquiry-based learning was, let alone this method known as 5Es!

Funny enough I am now this big advocate for bringing inquiry-based learning into the classrooms so it just goes to show how much I have grown as an educator in just 12 months. If you want to know more about the 5Es then Primary Connections are the place to go where it all makes so much sense. Another tip, on scootle now we also have full access to Primary Connections units which have been developed with consideration to ACARA and best of all it is free!!

Assignment 2 underway and I need your help!

Ok so I have started assignment 2 and would love to know if I am on the right track.

I have decided to use ACARA.

Specific Learning Area – Science

Constructing Learning Objectives – Science Understanding – A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape (ACSSU033)


  • Description of changes to objects, materials and living things
  • Identification that certain materials and resources have different uses

Transforming Learning Objectives –

Science Inquiry Skills

– Participate in different types of guided investigations to explore and answer questions, such as manipulating materials, testing ideas, and accessing information sources (ACSIS038)

– Use informal measurements in the collection and recording of observations, with the assistance of digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS039)


  • Use of informal measurements to make and compare observations
  • Following of instructions to record observations

So the criteria is from QCAA and is a simple copy and paste job as we don’t come up with our own. I have also chose to pick the elaborations from the working with (WW) section as it appears this is the average standard we want students to achieve. Just wondering what are the opinions of fellow peers about this?