The final chapter

I was just reading Adele Lawson post and I really can resonate with what she is saying. I can’t believe prac is over. Woohoooo, I did it!!!┬áThe three weeks where prac consumes your mind and life, it is over. I got through it and here I am. Part of me just wants to chill this weekend with my family and not do anything. The fact I am sick also makes me feel like I should just be lying down. After all next week I go back to my normal life but my normal life is working days at one job and nights at another. So really it is just a different type of busy to what I have just had in the last three weeks. Anyway, there will not be any chilling because the final assignment it must be done.

I must say this prac has really brought out my confidence within myself and I am ready to move on to my 4th year pracs. I am excited and can’t wait to complete the next 2 pracs now. This prac really felt like a tease. I feel like a teacher now and yet I will be going back to my teacher aide role on Monday.