Final days of prac

Well here I am in my final days of prac and you wouldn’t believe my luck. I have a head cold!! My throat is also affected and I have a very husky voice that cuts in and out. I am desperately hoping I don’t completely lose my voice. I only have 3 days to go and so badly hoping my voice will make it to the end for me!!! It is so frustrating because I can push my body to its limits when I can see the end is near but my body just wants to break down on me. Does that happen to anyone else? I know my body is telling me to slow down but I don’t listen, well not at the moment.

Anyway I am absolutely loving prac and the whole experience. I really wish I could go from being an SLSO to a trainee or apprentice teacher. I wonder why this doesn’t actually exist?? I could see a lot of advantages to actually having this kind of on the job training.

I hope everyone else is having a blast!


2 thoughts on “Final days of prac

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