Theories and frameworks

So I have had a go at reflecting on all the theories and frameworks we have been learning about in EDC3100. I must give a shout out to Lynettegaye7 as I just came across hers and it made so much sense so be sure to check hers out. I have actually provided a link to hers so I can refer back to it when writing assignment 3!!


Theory Purpose Application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience
CLEM Model Help understand how to learn about a new ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning. If there are any new ICTs you need to use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the planning process for Part B.

TPACK framework Technology + content + pedagogy = 3 forms of knowledge which can affect the integration of technology Combine what is being learned (content), how it is taught (pedagogy), and the appropriate tools (technology)
Backwards design To ensure planning is relevant to the learning outcomes and what is desired for the students to achieve. Decide on the learning outcome and methods of assessment and work backwards with planning.
SAMR Model To gauge the extent to which technology is integrated in the classroom Use for reflection of the learning environment to ensure integration over merely just using ICT. Increase quality
TIP Model Technology Integration Planning so integration is relevant and meaningful to the learning outcomes. Similar to backwards design. Lesson planning tool specifically for integrating ICTs
The 5Es Inquiry method – pedagogy A linear approach to pedagogy
WALT & WILF “We are learning to…” and “What I am looking for = Outcomes and criteria At the beginning of a lesson so expectations are clear
Connectivism A theory that emphasises the role of social and cultural context Appropriate for my context when working with an Aboriginal community.
Bloom’s taxonomy Different levels of thinking Extent lessons to include different levels of thinking and transform knowledge
Postman’s 5 things Provide a different schema for thinking about technological change Influence others perspectives about ICTs
Toolbelt theory/TEST framework Scaffolds thinking about which tool will help achieve the task. To assist with deciding which ICT tools to use to achieve the task, given the level of skills and the environment.
PKM Personal Knowledge Management – A process of making sense of all the information A process of making sense

Is there anyone doing prac in NSW?

I am about to go on prac in NSW for the very first time. I am an early ed student and even though this is our third year prac my previous placements have been in day care centres and I received an exemption for 2nd year pracs because I have completed a Diploma. This whole situation is rather daunting to begin with and essentially I need to get from a first year level to third year level by the end of this 3 week placement. From what I read I am not alone as there are other early ed students in the same situation just like mrsmckinty.

Where I start to get overwhelmed is NSW does not implement ACARA and in fact they are in the process of implementing the new NSW Syllabus. I am trying to wrap my head around it but feel disadvantaged because my whole degree has been about ACARA. ACARA is very clear about their ICT capability but I am a little disappointed with the lack of info I found here for NSW. Is there anyone else doing prac in NSW that can help me out with preparing for prac? Also the Syllabus has the content descriptors which would be the outcomes for the lessons but when I am looking for the criteria in Queensland you would use QCAA but in NSW do you refer to the continuum for each KLA?

Hope there is other NSW students out there.