Google Docs

Reading through some of the latest posts I noticed Seasidegroup2014 has found an interesting article about Google Drive which was formerly known as Google doc. I am actually interested in using Google docs in the classroom and I am interested in the many ways it could be used. I am thinking more as a collaborative tool at the moment. I have year 1/2 for prac and I have been able to find another year 1/2 class in a different town that would like to collaborate using Google docs for writing.

I am so excited about this idea but wondering where to go from here. When I consider the time and structure of the day it looks like this activity would be one of the small rotating group activities in the morning when the teacher has her normal reading/writing block. This makes me then worry about sufficient time. I wonder if there would be another time that would be more suitable? I also wonder where the students are up to with their level of development. Would it be best for students to all contribute to one narrative, or with a partner in the other school or should they write their own and have a peer from the other school give feedback? So many questions!!! I guess I have to really wait and see what outcomes we want these students to achieve. So essentially I have just gone around in circles. Wish I could start planning some lessons in these holidays but it is really not possible.



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