Things to consider when planning lessons

When lesson planning I believe there are a lot of things that need to be considered beforehand. I found this website also breaks down some things to consider as well.

I am sure there are some points I have missed so please let me know:

– What are the outcomes I want students to achieve?

– What prior knowledge, experience do they bring?

– What will I use to guide the content of my lesson?

– What will be my pedagogical approach?

– How will I assess their learning?

– How will I make it authentic?

– How am I going to engage them, motivate them to learn and take ownership of their learning?

– How much direction and guidance should I give?

– Inside or outside? Whole class, groups, pairs or individually?

-What are the resources that are available to me?

– Is the lesson practical?

– How much time should be devoted?

– Will it hold the attention of my students?

-What behaviour management strategies need to be considered?

-Can I collaborate with fellow staff to expand my ideas within the lesson?

-What are student’s strengths, needs and interests?

– Is it suitable for this time of day?

– What about the transition in and from this lesson?

– What does the literature say?

-What qualities can I offer? What are my weaknesses? Do I need to research or go to my support network?



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