How are you feeling?

I was reading through some posts from fellow EDC3100 students and I was attracted to the heading, “Time Pressured.” I decided to read this post and the more I start reading the more I found I could relate to Craigljorgensen . I too work 2 jobs, have a family and am trying to cope with doing online uni. I knew the reputation of this unit so I took on this unit on its own and decided it was best to delay finishing my degree just so I could give this unit the time. Oh and try and stay sane!!!

I felt like I was only just floating THEN work took me away from town and away from uni. Then I got sick 😦 Now I am left feeling really behind and madly trying to catch up so I can actually be prepared for prac.

Anyway, “Time Pressured” is exactly how I am feeling. There just doesn’t feel like enough time in the day. I am sure there are more of you out there feeling the same.


2 thoughts on “How are you feeling?

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