Context for Assignment 2

Just thought I would share my context for assignment 2 just as the learning path requests us too.

School: Rainbow Public School is a well-established New South Wales rural co-educational school located in a low socio-economic community. There are 289 students with 27% being Aboriginal students. The school has been working hard with the broader community, parents/carers, staff and students towards adopting a Stronger Smarter approach towards learning. This has resulted in an increase of student and parental engagement. Each classroom contains at least one interactive whiteboard [IWB], laptop, wireless internet access, four desktop computers, four iPads, a digital camera and the teacher’s personal smartphone. The library also has 20 iPads that can be borrowed. Additionally, each classroom has access to the computer lab which can cater for an entire class.

Students: The year 2 class consists of 13 boys and 11 girls with mixed abilities. The class is composed of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students who have generally formed good, respectful relationships with each other. In the previous term students have become familiar with using the 5Es model of inquiry and have shown their ability to work effectively in small groups of three or four, in pairs and individually. Furthermore, the students have a buddy class they skype weekly. The buddy class is located in Western Australia and is the same year level. The students always look forward to this at the end of the week. Students have demonstrated they have some basic ICT knowledge with operating iPads, desktop computers and digital cameras. Student’s skills are emerging as they create their own Popplet, Widbook and writing posts in our class blog with guidance.


Special Events: This unit coincides with National Science Week where the school will be holding a science day for the community to come and see what students have been learning in science.


Staff: The classroom has the benefit of receiving support from a teacher-aide during the morning and middle sessions of everyday. The classroom teacher and teacher-aide are fairly confident using web 2.0 tools and applications and the classroom teacher has been actively extending her personal learning network for support.


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