5Es for Assignment 2

For assignment 2 I have decided to base my unit plan on an inquiry model known as the 5Es. When reading through the blogs I noticed Saraantcliff and jacinta84 are also using the 5Es model of inquiry too. Until last year I had never heard of the 5Es until I did a science unit. I must admit it took a lot for me to understand exactly what inquiry-based learning was, let alone this method known as 5Es!

Funny enough I am now this big advocate for bringing inquiry-based learning into the classrooms so it just goes to show how much I have grown as an educator in just 12 months. If you want to know more about the 5Es then Primary Connections are the place to go where it all makes so much sense. Another tip, on scootle now we also have full access to Primary Connections units which have been developed with consideration to ACARA and best of all it is free!!


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