Readwritethink a website with great educational tools

A teacher at school recommended I take a look at a website called readwritethink and I thought I would share it with you. It offers a range of resources from K to year 12 you just need to take some time to explore the year group that appeals to you. Some I would like to mention are:

Comic creator lets the students create their own comic strips and they can pick how many panels they want in their strip. Great for fun or even a literacy lesson.

Cube creator is also amazing. There are four different types of cubes that the student can pick to create. I think they are a great scaffolding tool for creating a biography or identifying elements in a story. This resource assists the student to organise and summarise their thoughts/ideas. This would be great for the upper primary students.

Construct-a-Word also appealed to me because it could be appropriate on my prac with year 1 and 2. It could be used as a reading, writing or spelling activity.



4 thoughts on “Readwritethink a website with great educational tools

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