Osmo: New example of hands on learning incorporating ICTS

Wow I feel like I have just seen it all! I have already posted today and I really should be in bed but I have to tell you about this. Osmo is the new way to play on the iPad with concrete objects. Basically, Osmo is a very new gaming accessory for the iPad and it comes with games and a reflector that snaps over the camera. It looks like a base comes with it so the iPad can stand and there is also what they are calling a playing field, this is where the concrete objects are used by the child. The child can play games such as Newton, Tangram or Words but you can check out these on their website here. Be sure to watch the videos as well because they are truly fascinating. It captured my attention; just imagine what it could do for the students, especially in an early childhood classroom.

Originally I was thinking it might be one of those technological tools that would be out of the budget for most schools but it is actually reasonably priced. This could be the future of play-based learning!!


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