Website about ICT especially created for teachers

Towards the end of putting my recent assignment together I was after one more ICT tool that would assist me to present information in a creative way to capture my audience. Whilst googling to find the most creative ideas I came across a website I want to share with you. It is called ICT by Teachers and I can tell you there are so many tabs to explore that are really relevant for the pre-service teacher as well and especially handy for our assignments. One tab was all about the online presentation tools that are available and there is a huge range all with links taking you directly to their site and a description to see if it appeals to you. With a little of investigating by going to the face book link on the page it looks like the gentleman who has created this website is part of the Dell Future Learning Team supporting NSW DEC teachers to develop 21st Century learning experiences for students. So he has much the same goals as what we do!! There is also a tab explaining pedagogical frameworks and a tab that focuses on ICT in assessment. In this tab you will find a list of generic ideas of what you can do with online tools so this will help extend ourselves. There is so much to offer from this website.



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