Assignment 1- Online Artefact

Well it has been a little while since making a post because I have been busy writing an assignment about why and how to integrate ICTs to enhance learners in Year 2. I chose to focus the assignment around year 2. I had a lot of fun making this assignment and exploring some new ICT tools. I have created a website using Weebly and embedded a Powtoon, Wordle, Joomag, Haiku presentation and Glogster. I have never explored any of these before so it was a first for me.

I showed some of the year 5 boys at school and they were particularly interested in Joomag and wanted to give Quick Smart a miss and go to the Library so they could try creating their own magazine. This got me thinking so I approach some of the year 5 and 6 teachers and told them about some of the new ICT tools I had been exploring to create my assignment. They seem very keen to look into them further.

Anyway I am really keen to look over some other assignments that students have created over the next few days. I will leave you with a link to mine



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