Developing concept maps using ICTs

Recently I was required to create a concept map as to, Why use ICTs in an Early Primary setting? Our lecturer got us started and gave us two programs to explore, these were Text2Mindmap and I was drawn to immediately because of its visual appeal. I just jumped in and gave it a go and didn’t need to search for any help. It was so easy to use and I have been recommending it to the 5/6 teachers at school. I believe it would be a great tool for brainstorming and its visual appeal would really engage students to contribute to the discussion. It is also a great way to break down thoughts so a great scaffolding tool. Not to forget collaborative learning would be promoted by utilising this idea in class.


Alisia chose to use the other program, Text2Mindmap and she has what looks like a very detailed concept map which expands on the beginning of my thoughts.


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