Kid Pix

I have found out I have prac on a 1/2 class (7-8 year olds) and I am starting to look for some ICTs that will really enhance the student’s learning, be accessible and age appropriate. Through one of my university activities I came across Kid Pix.

Kid Pix is a drawing and painting program and I think it would be appropriate for the year 1/2 class I am doing prac with. It has been around for a while but it is often fondly remembered because of its sound effects, animations and freedom to be creative with the many different tools it comes with.

Check out the tools of Kid Pix  .

Kid Pix would definitely be appropriate for years F – 3. Students could have the freedom to explore and be creative through play with this ICT. Other ideas include creating artworks on a particular topic or creating an image from a story they are currently examining. Students are able to add a sentence or two describing their creation. It is also capable of uploading digital images so students can explore their environments with a digital camera before uploading in Kid Pix. 

Some advantages of Kid Pix would be that it enhances learning as students would be engaged with what they are doing, it is a student-led activity, they can explore through play, promotes independence, creativity and fine motor skills. It could also be used as a form of assessment. I particularly like the idea of students creating an image in Kid Pix to show their understanding of a book they have been learning.

Mrsmckinty shares what she has discovered about Kid Pix in her post if you would like to check it out.


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