Canberra here I come

Well just letting you know I won’t be posting for a while as I am heading off to Canberra for a week on a school excursion with years 5 and 6.

Whereis predicts it to be around about an 11 hour trip but we will be travelling by bus and have estimated 14 ½ hours with some stops. So one very long trip!! It should be a lot of fun and the itinerary is absolutely jammed packed from the moment we arrive into Canberra. I do not think I will be getting much sleep though!

I am excited but also a little nervous as we all know how edc3100 requires us to stay on top of the workload or very quickly we could find ourselves drowning. This has played on my mind a bit, oh and not to forget the second assignment is due a week after I get back. I am really hoping I don’t come home sick or too drained, there will be no time for that!

Anyway, I will write in a week. 


Literacy Shed

As educators I know we are always looking for good visual resources and the website called Literacy Shed is another recommendation from a primary school teacher. This is one of the benefits of branching out with my PLN and I am always after new ideas, especially to make lessons interesting and engaging.

Anyway, Literacy Shed has film, animation, photographs and picture books which can be used as a part of a Literacy lesson. They even provide ideas for lessons for each of the visual resources they have available. This is super handy especially for the pre-service teachers.

There is also a website called Mathematics Shed but I am not really sure on that one. It did not seem as appealing as Literacy Shed but maybe I need to spend some more time looking at everything it has to offer.


Osmo: New example of hands on learning incorporating ICTS

Wow I feel like I have just seen it all! I have already posted today and I really should be in bed but I have to tell you about this. Osmo is the new way to play on the iPad with concrete objects. Basically, Osmo is a very new gaming accessory for the iPad and it comes with games and a reflector that snaps over the camera. It looks like a base comes with it so the iPad can stand and there is also what they are calling a playing field, this is where the concrete objects are used by the child. The child can play games such as Newton, Tangram or Words but you can check out these on their website here. Be sure to watch the videos as well because they are truly fascinating. It captured my attention; just imagine what it could do for the students, especially in an early childhood classroom.

Originally I was thinking it might be one of those technological tools that would be out of the budget for most schools but it is actually reasonably priced. This could be the future of play-based learning!!

Readwritethink a website with great educational tools

A teacher at school recommended I take a look at a website called readwritethink and I thought I would share it with you. It offers a range of resources from K to year 12 you just need to take some time to explore the year group that appeals to you. Some I would like to mention are:

Comic creator lets the students create their own comic strips and they can pick how many panels they want in their strip. Great for fun or even a literacy lesson.

Cube creator is also amazing. There are four different types of cubes that the student can pick to create. I think they are a great scaffolding tool for creating a biography or identifying elements in a story. This resource assists the student to organise and summarise their thoughts/ideas. This would be great for the upper primary students.

Construct-a-Word also appealed to me because it could be appropriate on my prac with year 1 and 2. It could be used as a reading, writing or spelling activity.



With prac approaching I am really interested in finding some sites containing ebooks particularly appropriate for a year 1/2 class, so if you have any advice or suggestions please let me know. Whilst looking through the recent posts I found craigljorgensen had a post on his blog about Widbook.

Widbook is an online tool where individuals can create ebooks. These books can incorporate images and videos which also add to the appeal. Even better Widbook is free, so another tool to keep in mind especially when wanting to write, read or share your own ebook. If this idea appeals to you then check out more about Widbook and watch the video they provide too.

The Padagogy Wheel

I really enjoy reading mrsmckinty posts and she has found a padagogy wheel this time. You can find an image of it here. Not only does it give ideas for apps but it really makes you think about the application of learning the student’s will engage in when using the apps.

This padagogy wheel has adopted Bloom’s Taxonomy to sort different apps to use within different levels of learning. I agree with her that it is a fantastic way to use the SAMR model to see whether the integration of ICTs is more an add-on or enabling a pathway to transform learning. From our recent learning in this unit of work at Uni I have discovered this is extremely important for not only enhancing learning but transforming learning. This is something we as educators should be striving to achieve.

Website about ICT especially created for teachers

Towards the end of putting my recent assignment together I was after one more ICT tool that would assist me to present information in a creative way to capture my audience. Whilst googling to find the most creative ideas I came across a website I want to share with you. It is called ICT by Teachers and I can tell you there are so many tabs to explore that are really relevant for the pre-service teacher as well and especially handy for our assignments. One tab was all about the online presentation tools that are available and there is a huge range all with links taking you directly to their site and a description to see if it appeals to you. With a little of investigating by going to the face book link on the page it looks like the gentleman who has created this website is part of the Dell Future Learning Team supporting NSW DEC teachers to develop 21st Century learning experiences for students. So he has much the same goals as what we do!! There is also a tab explaining pedagogical frameworks and a tab that focuses on ICT in assessment. In this tab you will find a list of generic ideas of what you can do with online tools so this will help extend ourselves. There is so much to offer from this website.