Periodic table categorising iPad apps

Whilst browsing through twitter I found a great resource developed by Mark Anderson. It is a periodic table of iPad apps. Instantly I thought this was a brilliant idea, especially for those of us who are new to apps. It is very helpful in that the periodic table matches apps to a particular category. Categories include creativity, demonstrating, collaboration, teaching, computing, learning, numeracy and literacy. I really like the categories he has provided and think this will greatly assist me when setting up my iPad for the first time. I noticed he does mention how he used Photoshop to create this so he can use it as a poster. I really like this idea and think I could do something similar down the track and add extra categories. When I am finally a teacher and working in a school I believe all staff could contribute to the periodic table to truly make it relevant to the context and share effective apps. It would be a resource that could continually be built upon.

I should mention his idea was inspired by Sean Junkins who originally created a periodic table of iPad apps and his version can be found here on his blog.


9 thoughts on “Periodic table categorising iPad apps

  1. Wow, how fantastic is that! I have always wondered what the different colours meant haha. What a great Idea about all staff members building upon the original table or making one themselves. I think it would also save a lot of time for teachers trying to search for particular apps.


  2. This is so cool!!! I also like the idea of staff members adding to the table, this encourages all teachers to have a go at different teaching practices they may not feel comfortable with. Another good idea is asking for students opinions on apps which ones they enjoy and which ones they don’t, this may help the teacher understand every students ability to learn through certain apps.


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