Getting ready for reading: Play and ICTs

Mrsmckinty has posted an interesting article and worth a read especially if you are an Early childhood student.  I was particularly intrigued about the author’s views on the child needing to reach sensory-motor integration benchmarks before being ready to read. I have never thought about this need prior and it really gave me a different perspective.

The article also highlights the importance of play which I am a strong believer in. I know of parents with 3 – 4 year olds who are actually using Reading eggs or flash cards before the child is even commencing school. We as a society are creating a culture where we are expecting children to be able to read at a much earlier age and therefore ICTs are being used more and more to be able to do this. The research offered in this article argues play-based opportunities would be more effective for preparing them so they can be ready to learn how to read.

The article certainly has influenced my thoughts. I think once a child has reached that stage in their life where they are biologically ready to learn how to read then I think ICTs can be beneficial. In saying this I leave myself questioning, what would the harm be if a child was exposed to sensory-motor activities frequently but also spent time using programs such as Reading eggs before they had reached this stage? What are your thoughts?



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