Blogging for the first time

As part of my university degree in a Bachelor of Education I am doing a unit on ICT and pedagogy. I am required to set up a blog and I can tell you it feels really good to be exploring something new and I am rather excited.  I found it easy to add a tab to tell you all about me but then it came time to write my first post. What do you say then? I sat here for a while, went away and then came back to it and I was still stuck. Then I thought why not Google and get some advice on how to start. I found this great article if you are struggling too. Google is such a fantastic tool for searching for things like that and it goes to show just how effective and transforming ICTs are in our daily lives.

Anyway, I hope you will join me in my journey as I learn and share more about ICTs. Feel free to leave any comments.


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