The final chapter

I was just reading Adele Lawson post and I really can resonate with what she is saying. I can’t believe prac is over. Woohoooo, I did it!!! The three weeks where prac consumes your mind and life, it is over. I got through it and here I am. Part of me just wants to chill this weekend with my family and not do anything. The fact I am sick also makes me feel like I should just be lying down. After all next week I go back to my normal life but my normal life is working days at one job and nights at another. So really it is just a different type of busy to what I have just had in the last three weeks. Anyway, there will not be any chilling because the final assignment it must be done.

I must say this prac has really brought out my confidence within myself and I am ready to move on to my 4th year pracs. I am excited and can’t wait to complete the next 2 pracs now. This prac really felt like a tease. I feel like a teacher now and yet I will be going back to my teacher aide role on Monday.


Final days of prac

Well here I am in my final days of prac and you wouldn’t believe my luck. I have a head cold!! My throat is also affected and I have a very husky voice that cuts in and out. I am desperately hoping I don’t completely lose my voice. I only have 3 days to go and so badly hoping my voice will make it to the end for me!!! It is so frustrating because I can push my body to its limits when I can see the end is near but my body just wants to break down on me. Does that happen to anyone else? I know my body is telling me to slow down but I don’t listen, well not at the moment.

Anyway I am absolutely loving prac and the whole experience. I really wish I could go from being an SLSO to a trainee or apprentice teacher. I wonder why this doesn’t actually exist?? I could see a lot of advantages to actually having this kind of on the job training.

I hope everyone else is having a blast!

Prac is about to begin

Well the topic for tonight is certainly about everyone in EDC3100 just about to start our pracs tomorrow. I thought it would be a good idea to check in now because I anticipate a very busy 3 weeks ahead. I am feeling pretty good actually. My bag is packed and I am as ready as I can be. I am a little overwhelmed having to use the NSW Syllabus but I have made time and gone through them and I can see how ACARA is incorporated now.

I have been lucky to have already completed one day before the term ended so I think I have managed to learn nearly all the student’s names already. Now I just have to become confident in teaching primary students for the very first time!!! I really hope any nerves settle quickly and I can learn a huge amount because I have an absolutely fantastic mentor.

Anyway, good luck to everyone and I think it might be a good idea to go to bed early tonight.

ICT Magic

So as I go through my reader on a few occasions I notice people talking about ICT magic and I keep on thinking to myself I must check it out. Well thanks to Rachel’s post I finally did today and I tell you I am so glad I found this before prac. It has a heap of categories to select from whether it is Maths, English, Science, Sport or even Christmas!! There is so much choice and then when you finally decide which one to pick there is another index within that category which has all these examples of websites that you can visit to find exactly what you are looking for. So basically it is a huge index of online resources suited for education.


Theories and frameworks

So I have had a go at reflecting on all the theories and frameworks we have been learning about in EDC3100. I must give a shout out to Lynettegaye7 as I just came across hers and it made so much sense so be sure to check hers out. I have actually provided a link to hers so I can refer back to it when writing assignment 3!!


Theory Purpose Application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience
CLEM Model Help understand how to learn about a new ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning. If there are any new ICTs you need to use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the planning process for Part B.

TPACK framework Technology + content + pedagogy = 3 forms of knowledge which can affect the integration of technology Combine what is being learned (content), how it is taught (pedagogy), and the appropriate tools (technology)
Backwards design To ensure planning is relevant to the learning outcomes and what is desired for the students to achieve. Decide on the learning outcome and methods of assessment and work backwards with planning.
SAMR Model To gauge the extent to which technology is integrated in the classroom Use for reflection of the learning environment to ensure integration over merely just using ICT. Increase quality
TIP Model Technology Integration Planning so integration is relevant and meaningful to the learning outcomes. Similar to backwards design. Lesson planning tool specifically for integrating ICTs
The 5Es Inquiry method – pedagogy A linear approach to pedagogy
WALT & WILF “We are learning to…” and “What I am looking for = Outcomes and criteria At the beginning of a lesson so expectations are clear
Connectivism A theory that emphasises the role of social and cultural context Appropriate for my context when working with an Aboriginal community.
Bloom’s taxonomy Different levels of thinking Extent lessons to include different levels of thinking and transform knowledge
Postman’s 5 things Provide a different schema for thinking about technological change Influence others perspectives about ICTs
Toolbelt theory/TEST framework Scaffolds thinking about which tool will help achieve the task. To assist with deciding which ICT tools to use to achieve the task, given the level of skills and the environment.
PKM Personal Knowledge Management – A process of making sense of all the information A process of making sense

Is there anyone doing prac in NSW?

I am about to go on prac in NSW for the very first time. I am an early ed student and even though this is our third year prac my previous placements have been in day care centres and I received an exemption for 2nd year pracs because I have completed a Diploma. This whole situation is rather daunting to begin with and essentially I need to get from a first year level to third year level by the end of this 3 week placement. From what I read I am not alone as there are other early ed students in the same situation just like mrsmckinty.

Where I start to get overwhelmed is NSW does not implement ACARA and in fact they are in the process of implementing the new NSW Syllabus. I am trying to wrap my head around it but feel disadvantaged because my whole degree has been about ACARA. ACARA is very clear about their ICT capability but I am a little disappointed with the lack of info I found here for NSW. Is there anyone else doing prac in NSW that can help me out with preparing for prac? Also the Syllabus has the content descriptors which would be the outcomes for the lessons but when I am looking for the criteria in Queensland you would use QCAA but in NSW do you refer to the continuum for each KLA?

Hope there is other NSW students out there.


Connect.ed; a must for parents and teachers

So I have just finished the four modules on Connect.ed and I see fbehrendorff has been doing the same. I didn’t even know this existed and think it would be a valuable resource for teachers and parents. It was very informative when it came to cyber bullying and cyber safety. Actually as a mother of 2 young teenagers it really did get me thinking about my own parenting. I discovered through the quizzes that I am rather connected which I do try to be but as much as I rather not admit I am one of those parents who does deactivate Facebook when there is an issue. See we take the approach of we give a little and see how our teens handle the freedom and then take back a bit or pull in the line if we don’t think they can handle it. Well now I am being really open aren’t I!!! After doing these modules I feel deactivating Face book may have not been the best approach and now they may never inform us of issues they confront online. From a parent’s perspective it is so scary to think they are not really that mature or have the cognitive skills to handle the world wide web and yet this is what it means to be living in this digital age. Schools really do need to catch up with where life really is at and I will be recommending this course. I wonder though how do we change the attitude of this is an issue for High School and not primary?


Here is a copy of the certificate you get upon completion of this course which is a great addition to my cv.

connect.ed certificate